Thomas is a train we're gonna Kill! Look here, Thomas just killed his last pedestrian. Now, it's our turn.
Thomas the tank engine

Thomas's last target

Look at that poor man. Now Thomas will get a news report--

Thomas will stop all this MADNESS or else you will die! Also, I'm 
going to call 911. Not to be mislead with 9/11. WHAT!? You dare 
kill Percy!?!? YOU MUST DIE!!! Thomas, this is enough or else you 
will die! 

                                      ==name and address inheld==

Thomas writes back!

To whom it may concern,
   You will die! You believe that you'll catch me, but now I'm calling mars to attack 
everybody on Earth! Now, who's the one who will die? Hahahaha! You'll never stop me! Dead
or alove! No one can! Not even you guys, the US Army! We, Japanese trains, are coming to 
USA right now! We're taking the train! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Good luck for your next 3 days! 

                                            your's truly, Thomas!

We gotta stop Thomas!

Extra Page!Edit

Trasformer of DOOOOOOOMM!

Transformer of DOOOOOOMM!

Thomas is actually a transformer train! This is how he destroyed Godzilla.