Percy takes an inapropriate look

News- Thomas really only adult-friendly train!?Edit

News of thomas makes the headlines of being for an only-adults show. Thomas runs the track saying BOOB MILK BOOB MILK BOOB MILK repeatedly. Stop that train before he gets more adult like! TOO LATE! He's already shown Percy taking a little look in Hector's &^% (-------------->) and has made 100 people how the way they are today and has flashed the conductor's face, and have zoomed in on Hank. How could Thomas??? I have proof I'm not lying, too, which is SAD!!!! This is on 2010's news list and has made tons of kids cry. Professer KAZ (King And Link) has reported, "this as a perverted and a sick joke, but it's the truth. I for one, believe that this shouldn't be shown on kids' TV channels and shows, and that is why Thomas the tank engine bull^&$% should be charged at the most of 20.7 billion bucks. Who's with me?" And Thomas was charged for 20.7 billion dollars. But Thomas is still out their there, killing Jews and Christians. Someone better get this satanic train!