Thomas the satanic tank egine & friends

Look at him!!!

do you see this? This is a picture of Thomas! This is how Thomas looks when he's avenging Adolf. Read below to hear how Thomas is a heart-eater!

The Only Heart-Eating TrainEdit

Do you know that song by Lady gaga called MONSTERS? It's the song where she says "He ate my heart." Whodoya think she was talking about? THOMAS!!! She believed in God while dating a sinner. Once Thomas finally figured this out, he searched for her ever since. Yep. And he found her, but she didn't. When Thomas was about to run her over, Lady gaga jumped into the crowd which is called a moshpit. Thomas is claustraphobic (Thankfully) and scattered off.

Extra page!Edit

Thomas the tank engine

Thomas is a killer!

Just take a look at this one! This would've been Lady gaga if she would'nt have jumped just in time! Gee, who agrees that we wish this was lady gaga?