Thomas is killing people!!

Thomas is out of control!!!

Bring a bottle of beer and some whisky and look at this picture and read and enjoy!

What is Thomas in particularly?Edit

Thomas is a satanic train, a killer train, and a lunatic nazi joiner.

Thomas is a killer train!Edit

Look to your right. Just an ordinary train, right? NO! Actually, this is a picture of Thomas when searching for Miss Paparazzi. He's out of control! Oh, and I see some viewers wanna know where I got this picture. This picture cane from the company of ==name and address inheld==. But right on the bottom, you see gaps. Those are his teeth. See that sticker? That is is nose. And do you see that sign above his eyes????????????? That is actually-- that's something I don't know. Thomas is a killer train and no one else thinks so.

Puro Tren V2Edit

This company is the one where I got this picture from.

Extra Page!Edit



Look! The man eating TRAIN!!!